Large Pond Aerator & Fountain System

Add beauty to your lake or large pond

Most ponds receive runoff from nearby neighborhoods, commercial developments, or maybe even your yard. This runoff carries with it nutrient-rich sediment, fertilizers, algae, and many other contaminants that can affect your natural pond’s overall health. Luckily, countering and creating a beautiful and healthy natural pond is easier than you may think. Most causes for unsightly and foul-smelling water in natural ponds can easily be corrected with proper aeration. It is, however, important to make sure that the system you select is designed and efficient enough for your sized pond, this is where we come in! As pond and ecosystem specialists, we can evaluate and design a system that is not only easy to maintain but will also create a thriving environment for your fish, plants, and surrounding wildlife that depend on your pond.

Fountain or Surface Aeration

Our fountain systems not only create a beautiful appeal to your natural pond but can also add much-needed aeration. As the water is forced into the air it is mixed with oxygen and brings it back to the pond, this increases the dissolved oxygen levels in the water, promoting beneficial bacteria and the overall health of the ecosystem. But is a fountain all you need to create a healthy pond? That depends on a few specific details, for example, if your pond is believed to be deeper than 6′ we may need to include subsurface aeration. As we force air to the bottom of the pond it actually brings oxygenated water from the pond’s surface down, creating an aerobic paradise for your natural pond or lake.

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Subsurface or Bottom Aeration

Although it may not be a beautiful fountain, bottom aeration will be the more cost-effective way towards a clearer, cleaner, and healthier pond. As the oxygen-rich bubbles are mixed with the stagnant water, it releases toxic gases and allows microorganisms to begin breaking down the organic debris on the bottom of your pond, also known as “muck”. A build-up of too much organic debris will result in increased nutrients and result in poor water quality, algae, pondweeds, and even kills fish.

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