Pond Cleaning

Our Annual Pond Cleaning Service Includes the Following:

Carefully place fish and plants into proper holding tanks with over oxygenating aerators.

Completely drain your pond, vacuum out debris and waste, and pressure wash surfaces*.

Test water and treat for any harmful elements (chlorine, chloramine, and hard metals).

Check lights for proper function and clean lenses*.

Clean and rinse the filter and inspect the filtration system.

Acclimate fish to their new clean home and check for any health problems.

Seasonal Pond Cleaning:

Our team of pond experts works year-round to service your pond and water feature needs!

Here are some ways Oklahoma Ponds can provide maintenance for your pond by the time of year:

Spring and Summer Maintenance:

Winter’s over: call Oklahoma Ponds to keep your water garden looking its best.

Once Oklahoma weather starts heating up, it’s time to schedule your annual pond cleaning. Your koi pond is a living, breathing ecosystem. It might seem like pond maintenance is complicated, but it only takes a few simple steps to keep your pond healthy and beautiful all summer long. Your first step should be proper spring cleaning and maintenance.

We recommend pond owners schedule a cleaning service as soon as springtime hits, usually between February and late May. Schedule your appointment early; our springtime schedule fills up quickly!

Fall Maintenance: October Through November

It’s been a great season for your outdoor koi pond, but now it’s time to prepare for colder weather. Fall maintenance is incredibly important to your water garden’s ecosystem and overall health. Your pond is a magnet for falling leaves, blowing grass and predators during the autumn and winter months. If left alone, the debris becomes a habitat for bacteria known as Aeromonas and Pseudomonas. These bacteria thrive in cold water, right when your koi’s immune systems at their weakest. Aeromonas are always present in your koi pond, but heavy debris causes a sharp rise in their numbers. Eventually, high levels of Aeromonas will harm your fish, leading to ulcers, mouth and fin rot, and more.

Come spring, decomposing debris can wreak havoc on your garden pond, causing harmful bacteria and algae growth, threatening the well-being of your plants and your fish.

Investing in your pond’s health now will save you time and money come spring.

Our fall pond maintenance service includes:

– Cut back and/or remove aquatic marginal plants, lilies, and floating plants.
– Clean pump(s) and check filtration system for any problems.
– Introduce a healthy dose of Cold-Water Bacteria, vital to your pond’s ecosystem in the dormant winter months.
– Install a protective net over your pond to protect from debris, leaves, and other contaminants


Winter Maintenance: December Through February

Even though everything is dormant during the winter months, your pond can still benefit from a checkup or two. Winter pond services can be scheduled ahead of time or as needed.

Winter service calls include:

– Adjusting cold water beneficial bacteria levels.
– Assess fish health and treat as needed.
– Maintain water level.
– Skimmer and pump cleaning as needed.
– Pond net adjustment as needed to prevent wintertime debris from entering the water.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

My Pond Has a Filtration System. Why Isn’t That Enough?

Properly-constructed ponds have filtration systems designed to handle your pond’s water volume and the expected fish population, known as your pond’s “bioload.” The filtration system is the perfect host for nitrifying bacteria (good bacteria) and is where nearly all of your pond’s toxins are converted or removed from the water! When not properly maintained, the filter media will become compacted and overloaded resulting in poor filtration and unstable water quality.

When plants and debris fall into the water and begin to decompose, it adds more to the bioload than the filtration system can handle. Nitrifying bacteria can’t keep up. Furthermore, warmer weather can cause unhealthy levels of ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, and phosphates. Soon, the pond’s delicate ecosystem is at risk, along with the health of your fish and your aquatic plant life.

How Much Does a Pond Cleaning Cost?

Our minimum charge for a complete pond cleaning service is $450 for up to three hours with one trained technician. Most standard 8’x10’ ponds that have been well-maintained fall within this minimum.

Large ponds, or ponds that have not been professionally cleaned within the last year, may require an additional technician and more time. Please reach out to us for a better estimate on your project.

Proper pond care and service will return your pond to a state of equilibrium, creating a healthy environment for your water garden to thrive.

If you are concerned about the state of your pond and need help cleaning your water features, fill out the form below and schedule a visit from one of our technicians! Our team is happy to assist you with all your pond needs, no matter the season.

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