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Does your Koi Pond or Water Feature need to be repaired?


PSA – If your pond pump has stopped working we consider this an emergency,
oxygen levels drop rapidly and can harm or kill your fish.


Perhaps you bought a home OKC with an existing water feature that was not properly installed, or is just an eyesore. Or perhaps your landscaper thought they would try their hand at pond building and you ended up with a maintenance nightmare. Either way, before you decide to fill it in – give Oklahoma Ponds a call for a pond evaluation, renovation or pond repair. We can take even the most dilapidated water feature and restore or renovate it into something spectacular.

We will work with you, within your budget, to figure out what is best for you and make it happen.

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Common Pond Problems

Broken Pump

Your pond pump is crucial to the health, beauty, and oxygenation of your garden pond and fish. Oklahoma City’s summers are HOT and dissolved oxygen levels will quickly deplete causing unnecessary stress, or worst, for your fish.

If your garden pond pump has stopped working, try these steps and schedule a visit from one of our technicians!

– Make sure that GFCI has not tripped. Most outdoor outlets have two buttons where you plug your pump into. Try pressing the “RESET” button first.

– Debris stuck on the inlet. If your koi pond does not have a skimmer basket, there’s a chance debris is stuck around the pump blocking water intake. If you’re able, unplug your pump and feel around to remove debris.

– Try unplugging the pump for a few minutes and plug it back in. Air can become trapped inside the impeller and inhibit your pump from moving water.

Discolored Water

Dark, muggy, non-crystal pond water may be due to several reasons. If you are experiencing brownish water, it may be from tannins. Click here to read our blog on what tannins are: What’s a Tannin, and Why Should You Care.

If you are experiencing green water or excess of algae, this can be caused by several issues that will be best covered by a quick call to an experienced pro.

If you find yourself in a pond predicament such as dark and muggy water, pump problems, and/or leaking water, take all of these steps and precautions. If you still can’t find the issues or don’t have the time, call us today and schedule a visit from one of our technicians!

Leaking Water

If you are suddenly losing water and find yourself adding more water than usual to your pond or water feature then you may have a leak.

Here are a couple tips you can try:

– Inspect the edges of your waterfall, a common spot for leaks, and see if you can see where the liner has dropped down allowing the water to escape

– Make sure the water is not “bubbling” over the edges of your filter. Sometimes filter pads become compacted and force water out of the pond.

– Inspect the bolts around the skimmer faceplate. The bolts used to hold the liner and faceplate tight can become loose or even decay away, especially if over 5 years old.

If you still can’t find the issues or don’t have the time, call us today and schedule a visit from one of our technicians!

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