Your Pond Is Our Art!

Whether you want to install a koi pond at your commercial or residential property, or you’re looking to renovate an existing water garden, you’ve made a great choice. Congratulations! Water gardens add beauty, peace, and tranquility to any home or business. At Oklahoma Ponds, we strive to create durable, beautiful, healthy ecosystem ponds that your family will enjoy for years.


Garden ponds are self-contained ecosystems needing fish, plants, natural rocks and gravel, aeration, and filtration. An experienced pond contractor will carefully integrate each of these components to achieve a balanced ecosystem insuring a beautiful, healthy, low-maintenance pond for years to come.


We will build your water feature to be home to a delightful plant and fish life. But your pond will also attract all kinds of local wildlife. From dragonflies dancing on the water to birds bathing in the waterfall, your pond will be a playground for a variety of life.

Need some inspiration? Check out the Dreambook!

Pond Packages

Harmony- $5,800

Our Harmony Pond is a great choice for someone wanting the sight, sounds and life that a water garden brings. The ponds not only fit a smaller budget, but also fit into small spaces. The average finished pond size is 7'x10' while still utilizing Aquascapes top quality Signature Series Pro pond equipment.

Financing options available- Starting at $110 month!

Features of the Harmony:

  • Up to 7' x10' pond with 18" high natural waterfall built on the water's edge
  • Aquascape Signature line skimmer & biofilter
  • AquaSurge 3000  pump with 1.5" flex PVC
  • Up to 6,000 pounds of mossy hand boulders, 15 bags river gravel
  • 1 water lily,
  • 12'x15' fish safe liner & underlayment
  • Automatic dosing system
  • 2 boxes bioballs

Harmony Pond Upgrade Options:
-Fish Cave: $200
-8Ft Stream: $1,400
-Pond Lighting Package: $980

Approximate depth is 20"-24" Build Time: 1 Day


Tranquility Pond Package: $9,900

Our Tranquility Pond is a popular choice for the pond hobbyist who wants additional pond size.  The Serenity Pond is built with a 10'x14' footprint and utilizes Aquascape's top quality Signature Series pond equipment.

Financing options Starting at $200 per month!

Features of the Tranquility:

  • Up to 10'x14' pond with 18" high natural waterfall 
  • Aquascape Signature line skimmer & biofilter
  • Non-clogging Tsurumi 3PL pump with 2" flex PVC
  • Up to 9,000 pounds of mossy boulders, 30 bags river gravel
  • 2 water lilies
  • 15'x20' fish safe liner & underlayment
  • Automatic dosing system
  • 3 boxes bioballs

Tranquility Deluxe: Starting at $14,500

The Tranquility Deluxe is for the new pond owner that does not want to hold back. This pond has everything that our standard Tranquility pond has to offer but with EXTRAS

Financing options Starting at Just $250 per month!


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